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Trappin Apes Club a Bluechip project

Our Team

  • Creation date : November 2021

  • Place : Everywhere and nowhere

  • Number of NFTs : 2500

  • Blockchain : Solana

  • Mint date :April 2nd - 19 UTC

Frquently asked Questions

What is Trappin Apes Club?

The club is a community of blockchain enthusiasts. Each member will be keen to make the club shine, and make it a reference in the world of Solana NFTs.

What are the members?

All the guys at the club are unique. 2500 members represented in the form of NFT. More than 150 attributes make it possible to distinguish them. Inspired by the NFT universe, their characteristics group together different styles: 3d, pixel and drawing for a result never seen before.


The Royalties will be at 7% and part of it will help finance some projects of the Club.

Will there be a secondary market?

The secondary markets will be Magic Eden and Solanart.

Why should I invest into Trappin Apes Club

Trappin Apes Club investors/ NFT holders will be able to earn passive income holidng our NFT with the coin will we be realsing shortly after our mint. Furthermore, holdering will recieve weekly Solana airdrops as well as free NFTs when holding 2 or more Trappin Apes.

Road Map

Interested in the Club ?

Roadmap - Get ready for lift off!! Spark it up!!


Trappin Apes Clubs focus is to ensure that your investment is highly profitable. The strategy behind the roadmap is DAO-oriented, its goal is to ensure profitability, an increasing floor price, a shrinking supply, and efficient marketing.


Join our clubs discord today to have a chance to be whitelisted. Whitelisted members are the VIPs of the Trappin Apes Club community. You will be the first to learn about announcements on the latest developments and Giveaways. You will even be able to help decide future giveaways and developments.




AWESOME !! You have been whitelisted, get ready for an incredible ride!! Whitelisted members will have the opportunity to mint at a lower price and participate in a life-changing VIP Giveaway. Welcome to the Trappin Apes Club community. Since only 300 people will ever be allowed in our Whitelist, all whitelisted members are guaranteed to mint at least one Trappin Ape NFT without ever worrying.


Stage One:

So you've got your Trappin Ape Club nFT, everyone that holds a Trappin Ape NFT will be receiving weekly Solana airdrops directly to their wallet. The royalties are being set at 10% which is what you will be receiving weekly depending on how many apes you hold in your wallet. To receive the airdrop you will have to have your ape in your wallet at the time of the snapshot ( Every Thursday) and not listed on any secondary markets.


Stage Two:

Shortly after our daily airdrops are successful, you will also receive a FREE 3D version of your ape. You will only receive your 3D version of your apes if you hold two or more of our NFTs. Sometime into the near future your 3D apes will be integrated into the Solana MetaVerse where they will give you access to exclusive party's, clubs and events! 


Stage Three:

Staking your NFTs! Staking WILL be introduced at some point of time in the project. We will be having a vote on what you guys want to do in our Discord server, once we get to that stage!

Metaverse Intergration

We will be working on making your Trappin Apes compatible with the Metaverse, so that we can soon use them to visit the club and events in that universe.
The club will be a private place where only the Holders will have access. A place of exchange and sharing, the realisation of the project.
The Metaverse is still in its debut on the blockchain Solana, so we are ahead!

Come join us and let's discuss the future of the project and how it will suit you ...

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